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To save you the trouble, here are some of the most common things we get asked!

Why do I need my oven cleaned?
However hard you try, grease and burnt on carbon builds up in those ‘hard to reach’ places. Not only does this spoil the appearance of your appliances, but grease build-up behind the element could eventually cause a fire. Our technicians ensure that all the grease and black spots are removed leaving your oven shining!

So what actually happens?
Our friendly, fully trained technician will examine your appliances, trays, racks and removable parts are taken and cleaned separately in a hot solution outside your home. The oven is then cleaned manually to remove all the grease and carbon. Finally your appliance is reassembled so you can check the results, we guarantee you will be amazed and your oven will shine!

Do you clean glass doors?
Of course! Wherever possible the door is removed and cleaned thoroughly inside and out. With some makes of oven, the door has to be cleaned in situ but you will still be delighted with the finished result!

Do ‘self cleaning’ ovens need cleaning?
You would be surprised! The ‘self-clean’ panels of this type of appliance do not always reach a high enough temperature to work efficiently and a layer of grease and debris builds up. Oven Cleaning Professionals will use techniques and products to leave your whole oven shining without damaging the ‘self-clean’ lining.

Are you insured?
Oven Cleaning Professionals are fully insured so that you can have complete peace of mind

Why Should I get someone else to clean my oven?
Because cleaning your oven is a very dirty, smelly and time consuming job. Why do it yourself if you can have fully trained professionals bring your oven to a show room shine at the best price possible!

Of course, if you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact us by E-Mail or by phone on 01202 580 770 or 01305 881 001